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 Safety First:  We wish for all our members to assess the weather conditions for themselves. If you feel unsafe traveling due to the weather conditions, please stay at home. Your safety always comes first.


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New Heights is now happy to announce that we are offering, in addition to our traditional Tae Kwon Do classes, traditional Okinawan Karate through the Okinawan Karate Club of Michigan.
These classes in traditional Okinawan Karate (Uechi Ryu) are under the direction of Sensei Teresa Piatek. (7th Degree Black Belt). For more information go to their Face book page.
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What is "New Heights Fitness?"

New Heights Fitness is a community focused professional school dedicated to the training of its members within the martial arts and martial arts related programs. We are committed to the advancement of our students in their mental and physical growth as they explore and progress through our accredited Tae Kwon Do programs.

The New Heights Motto

To give STRENGTH to the WEAK,
and EMPOWER our students with LIFE SKILLS
through our Accredited Tae Kwon Do Programs.

Why New Heights and not some other school?

When searching for a new, or replacement, martial arts schools, there are 3 basics questions that should be addressed.

1.      Consistent: Does the school consistently offer its services year to year. Does the school have a history of moving locations, changing curriculum, or changing Instructors.

2.      Certifiable: Does the school offer a program which is certified by a recognized organization, offering ranking certificates that are recognized both nationally and internationally. In other words, “who certifies that this student has earned their rank”?

3.      Convertible: Does the school make it possible for individuals with previous training in other styles to easily convert to the programs being offered.

New Heights Fitness is –

  1. Consistent: We have been in our current location in Zeeland since June 1, 1991. Our Senior Instructor today is the same individual who has been instructing since that time. Our style is still Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do. While some schools will change styles and programs as new trends appear, and disappear, New Heights has chosen to stay with the oldest, tested and true style of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do. While we will implement concepts and techniques found within other styles if they prove beneficial, our requirement structure is built upon our core curriculum of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do.
  2. Certifiable:  All students within our Soaring Eagles and Chung Do Kwan programs receive their ranking certification through the United States Chung Do Kwan Association. The oldest, and largest Tae Kwon Do Association in the United States with direct linkage to the World Chung Do Kwan Association in Seoul, South Korea. Our Senior Instructor is a certified Master Instructor through the USCDKA representing over 35 years of training and instructing experience.
  3. Convertible: Our Instructors are trained, and willing to work with any student with previous training, regardless of style, to adjust within our curriculum. Students are permitted to retain any previous ranking they may have received provided they can show documentation for that rank.

C/M R.A. Jipping w/ SGM B.J. Sell (Kwan Jang USCDKA)