Black Belt Program

New Heights offers a special Black Belt Program for all Soaring Eagle / Chung Do Kwan students who have reached the rank of 1st Gup or Black Belt levels. This specialized class will deal with advanced techniques and strategies to enhance the Tae Kwon Do experience for all of its members.

All students wishing to advance to, or within the Black Belt Ranks must be active within this program for future advancement.

Classes will be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month from 5:30-7:30pm.


 Mr. Mark Albertson                 Mr. Josh Pickard 
(4th Degree Black Belt)         (4th Degree Black Belt)

Requirements for participation in this program.

1.    Student's must have achieved the rank of 1st Gup and above.
2.    Student's must attend wearing full traditional white uniforms unless special exemption is given by Instructor. Only Instructors may wear Black pants.
3.    Student's must know their highest required Black Belt form(s) prior to joining this program so Instructors can help students understand the lessons and techniques within each form.
4.    Student's must bring in their portfolio, a note pad, and pen for taking notes.
5.    Student's must make every effort to attend all classes.

This is a highly specialized class for only the most serious student.

Cost:    There is an additional fee charged for this program above their normal membership fee.