Welcome to the New Heights Family!
We are so excited to have you join us and we want to help you get started as soon as possible. 
Everything below will help you get started and answer all your questions.  If you have additional questions please don't hesitate to ask them here.
When Can I Start My Program  & What Do I Need To Do?
Q: Can I try different classes?
A:  Yep, you have four classes and may attend any (age specific) class that you wish.
Q: Where do I find the schedule of classes?
A:  At the left side of this page you will see our class schedule and each individual class page has the times we run your new program.
Q: What do you need from me on my first night?
A: Please fill out this liability form and bring it with you?
Q: What do I wear for my first class?
A: You may wear anything comfortable to work out in.  You will want to quickly get the proper gear for the class (recommended within 2 weeks starting class).  See below for the great deals.
Q: Where Can I Get My Uniforms/Gear and Awesome Savings? (Remember the discount you talked about at Kick or Treat?)
A: Great question, at the right you see a gearBuGG logo.  This is where you can shop our entire catalog with your discount.  Feel free to purchase anything and everything you like. gearBuGG helps you with GREAT GIFT IDEAS!
Here are some bundles we have wrapped up for you for the individual classes to make it easy:
Q: What are the monthly rates for my class, other costs etc.?
A:  Here is an estimator tool.  Please use this  guide to obtain your estimated monthly rate.  Other costs that may apply to your class. 
There is a $20 one time enrollment fee.
All programs have a monthly rate.  Paying ahead saves you a bunch.
All programs have some type of required gear or uniform associated with them.  (Kardio has recommended hand pads)
The Soaring Eagles and Adult TKD programs require a textbook that is used in class. (~$30.00)
The Soaring Eagles and Adult TKD programs highly recommend (almost require) joining our larger organization. The US Chung Do Kwan (tons more on this later) but,  This has a yearly fee of $30.00.
There are testing fees and "NEW" belt costs with our TKD programs.  These vary depending on when you or your child gets promoted to a new level within their program.

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