The USCDKA "MATS" (Martial Arts Testing System)

Within the United States Chung Do Kwan Association, and it's Schools throughout the United States, and the world, most schools require their students  to pass the knowledge area of training found in their "Blue Books" (Forces of Tae Kwon Do)  as a prerequisite to testing.

At each rank, students will have 15 True/False questions they need to know. Students will need to take the test for the rank they are testing for, not their current rank. Example: A student, currently a Yellow Belt (9th Gup) will need to take the test for Gold Belt (8th Gup). Students can obtain the "Blue Book" through the USCDKA Web Site.

    Students are able to take the MATS test at home by following the Instructions below. We know that as martial artists, they will be honest in their testing. Once completed, follow the instructions and print out your results sheet and certificate if passed. This needs to be handed in with testing materials.

IMPORTANT:  When you have "Submitted" your test and see the "Results" page, be sure to PRINT it out. This will give you a nice record for your portfolio for future studying. If you "Passed" the test, you will see the word "Certificate" next to your results. Click on this link to print your Certificate. This certificate must be presented with your other testing materials.

You will not be able to go back and get these printouts later. If necessary, contact C/M R. Jipping  at   ""   to print your results and certificate. **There will be a $5.00 charge to do this, so be sure you print it out when you are in there.

Select the Belt/Rank you will be testing for:

Yellow Belt - 9th Gup                          Gold Belt - 8th Gup                     Orange Belt - 7th Gup                      Green Belt - 6th Gup

Purple Belt - 5th Gup                          Blue Belt - 4th Gup                     Red Belt - 3rd Gup                           Brown Belt - 2nd Gup

Brown-Black Striped Belt - 1st Gup
                                                                    Black Belt