Frequently Asked Questions

Having questions about the Martial Arts is NORMAL!
There are many different styles and thousands of schools that offer approaches and solutions to answer these questions.  We want to make sure your needs are met!  We also want to make sure there is open communication between US and YOU.
Q: Are there certain times when you accept new students?
A: We welcome new students into any of our regular ongoing programs (My Kids Taekwondo, Soaring Eagles and Chung Do Kwan) at anytime.
Classes within the Zeeland Recreation offerings follow the Zeeland Recreation schedules.

Q: I was informed I could try out a class prior to signing up, is this true?
A: You are welcome to try out any of our programs prior to signing up. All we ask is that you let us know you are coming so we can be sure to look for you.
Q: What should I wear trying out class?
A: You may wear anything comfortable to work out in.  Loose fitting pants, comfortable tops. You will be asked to be bare foot within the Tae Kwon Do classes.

Q: Can I try different classes?
A:  Yes, you may try any (age specific) class that you wish one time.

Q: Where do I find the schedule of classes?
A:  At the left side of this page you will see our Calendar / Class Schedule and each individual class page has the times we run that program.

Q: What is the first thing I should do if I am interested in your programs?
A: The first thing you should do is to click on the following link and get on our mailing list. This way we can keep you informed of upcoming events or specials.  New Heights Mailing List
Q: I want to join your program(s), what do you need from me on my first night?
A: Please fill out this liability form and bring it with you? This is a standard risk agreement found in most any physical program.
Q: What types of uniforms, equipment will I need within the programs?
A: Students within the My Kids, Soaring Eagles, and Chung Do Kwan programs will need to purchase a uniform and various protective sparring gear. For Kardio Kick we do recommend approved type hand pads. We can help you find these.
Q: Where Can I Get My Uniforms/Gear and Awesome Savings?
A: Great question, we recommend our students purchase their equipment through gearBugg.  A link is available at the top of this page.This is where you can shop our entire catalog with your discounts.  Feel free to purchase anything and everything you like. gearBuGG helps you with GREAT GIFT IDEAS!
We don't believe you will be able to find prices like these anywhere else on the web. If you do, please let us know because we want our family to get the best deals possible.

Please ask your questions below so that all may benefit.  We will try to answer all and our hope is to GROW together as we continue an open relationship.  
NOTE:  All Questions are Anonymous by Default.

Also if you have a comment about a class or suggestion on improving a class please give us this feedback.  We greatly appreciate your thoughts and desire them.