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Classes now being offered through Zeeland Recreation

New Heights Fitness has aligned itself with the Zeeland Recreation Department in offering our excellent Women's Self Defense Program.
Registrations are handled through Zeeland Recreation. You can sign up through the Zeeland Recreation Web Site at Zeeland Rec. Registration.
Class Program Numbers are "100870-W(1-5)"

Recent Evaluations

I took my teenage daughter to the Women's Self Defense class and I'd highly recommend it to all ladies. The instructors are knowledgeable, skilled, and caring. They will guide you through deciding what you should do. The class led to many great discussions at home and an increased awareness of personal safety. R. Jipping and his daughter are an excellent teaching team. Thank you for your dedication to such an important issue. - A. VerBeek -

Lots of great info. I learned a lot. The class was a great bargain. - L.H. - 

I took this workshop looking for additional knowledge on self-defense. That's what I liked about this class, even though I am taking an additional self-defense program elsewhere, this 
workshop gave different strategies with the same results; more knowledge to use and work with. As a younger, athletic female I wish there were more physical activities. Example: working more with a punching bags instead of shadow boxing.  Altogether this class is easy to follow for all ages and abilities.  - M.J. -

I was very happy with the overall format and how the class was taught. I appreciate both the 30 minutes of psychological instruction and the hour long physical training. I believe both are beneficial and key components to learning self defense. It would be nice if the class met more than 4 times with maybe a focus on physical training for the last 2 classes. (Possibly a total of 6-8 class meetings would be ideal). I do like the idea of a refresher course or a class every now and then to practice skills. Stories and content shared by the instrutor were relevant to learning material, and appropriate for the participant age group. I'm glad my niece and I took this class together. Thank You.  
- I.C. -

I was so fortunate to take a course with Master Rick! Without a doubt I left with more knowledge of what to do or not to do in a bad situation! Both Rick and his staff were kind, respectful and always made sure all questions were answered and anyone who wanted to participate was able to! I never felt uncomfortable and was surprised how much I really enjoyed the hands on learning!!
Thanks so much I will be sure to refer many more friends and plan to send my girls when just a little older!!   -TB-

I think the program was very good and thorough. A "drop-in" session would be very useful. I liked the contrast between the notes and information as well as the hands on and physical protions. All though the class was only 4 weeks, the information was memorable and worth while. There was a few times in which, during the hands on portion, a few more demonstrations were needed, personally. Working through steps of a kick, stance, etc. individually was strong in this program though there could have been more. Also, having Carrie in helping was very helpful. Personally, I liked the way she worked with me and explained things. I have undoubtedly learned a lot of methods and information in this program and all though I hope never to have to use any of this, I feel as if I am more prepared than when I came in. One last thing is that I liked how the program focused NOT on fighting, but on being AWARE and getting out of situations. Thank You.   A.T.B.

I feel the class was very helpful. We were made aware of the many ways we can put ourselves in danger, and how to protect ourselves.
I would recommend women of all ages take this course.

I really enjoyed the class. It was a lot more physical than what I expected but that was good and appreciated. I would love if there was a follow up to this class such as an advanced class. Rick and Josh were great instructors and I learned a lot. The psychological aspects of self defense was great info! The way Josh made me give it my all during one of the exercises really pushed me to do my best and I enjoyed it.

Very thorough - Real life experiences taught. Would be nice to have a drop in time one time a month to refresh or a Saturday time.  Good for refreshing for someone who doesn't want to get a belt or do kickboxing, etc. Really enjoyed the experience, like having Carrie there alot. I didn't have to do things I didn't want to do if I felt scared - I wasn't forced.

Awesome class! Gave a lot of good information you can use in situations in real life. Like learning the kicks and close contact moves the most. Will definately recommend to family and friends. Would be fun to have a guy in a big padded suit to attack you that you could try to get out of.  CB/MB

This class was worth every minute. From the lecture at the beginning of each class to the physical moves. It opened my eyes also about first and foremost being aware at all times. I greatly appreciate the passion of the instruction we received in self defense and defense of our loved ones.  RL

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I like the "class time" as well as the physical workshop. You presented a lot of knowledge that is mostly taken for granted, as in the Pyramid of Personal Safety. I feel I can take away new skills to incorporate everyday to stay safe. The physical workshop was very enlightening, actually seeing the different positions of attack and how to defend or come out of a "hold". I do wish I had a diagram to study the moves better - this would be the only thing I would change. I will definately recommend this class to my friends. Thank you Rick, Carrie, & Josh.   DVH

I liked that they took their time teaching us making sure we understood the moves. I like that we go hands-on time with them compared to just having to work with your friend.

I loved every moment of this class. It was enjoyable and the people who run it are also very friendly. The lecture was very eye-opening and fascinating. The fighting was very educational. Even though it was tiring, it was worth it.  AL

This class has been very informative and gave us things to think about from a different perspective. To prevent an attacker you have to think like an attacker which is a foreign way of thinking to me. Additionally I learned some physical ways to defend myself &/or ways to break free from an attacker - hopefully I'll never have to use them. Therefore I hope to just take a refresher course every couple of years so I retain the knowledge. Also I appreciated the small class sizes which allowed for each of us to receive personal attention during the physical portion of class. Thank you for an informative, effective, and confidence building class.  ME

I enjoyed the Self Defense Workshop very much. The handouts were very helpful, as were the discussions each evening prior to our actual “hands on”. Rick did a great job instructing, but I really enjoyed the help and instructing done by Carrie and Josh. They are a real asset to this program. I spent four days in Chicago last week and the class gave me an awareness of what to be watchful for when I’m in a place where I could be vulnerable. I hope I will never have to use what I have learned, but I feel more confident now that I would be able to “defend myself” if necessary. I took this class with my daughter and granddaughter and would recommend this class to women of any age (I am 70).    DW

My daugher and I enjoyed our time with your team learning how to defend ourselves, both mentally and physically. The mental aspect was beneficial and an important part of the class. Keep it! The handouts were nice because we could review them during the week. The physical instruction was good and I like having 3 instructors available and seeing them demonstrate various scenarios. It was also nice to know that we could refuse to do something if we felt uncomfortable. An important aspect, it took the pressure off. Nice job to all! Thank You              D/R B.

What an awesome class. Taking a self defense class is something I've always wanted to do, but never really knew of where to go for them, so I was thrilled when this notice came into my email. I immediately signed up and invited some of my girlfriends. It's one of the best things I've ever done. It provided a wealth of knowledge and lots of interaction. I learned so many concepts and strategies that will be useful for years to come, and I'm amazed at how much you can do to outsmart an attacker that doesn't require a ton of strength.
Rick was a wonderful instructor who has years of knowledge and experience to bring to the table both in our class lecture time and active strategy time. It was also extremely helpful to have Josh and Carrie there as extra eyes and ears for added help with concepts. I certainly don't feel like I know it all at this point, but this was a great beginners class. I would love to (1) take another advanced class or (2) take a longer class for 6-8 weeks, or (3) take a refresher class every year to learn more. I positively loved this class and would recommend it to any woman looking to empower herself. I'd love more info on additional classes like this. Thank you for offer it.  HC

I really enjoyed the women's self defense class, it was nice to be with other women wondering about the same things and being able to "fight" actual people. The class was lots of fun and very informative. I learned a lot and the time always went by so fast. It is really helpful to know that it is ok to fight back. Thank you all so much and I will be looking forward to the refresher class!   KH

I'm so glad my sister invited me to join her in taking the class. I feel like I have a long way to go, but I'm a lot further along than I was when I first started. It's gotten me to think a bit differently and to be more aware. I'm a runner and swimmer, but have never done any contact sports or kick boxing or ANYTHING like the class. I certainly think I would have gotten a bit more out of it had I had a little more experience/background in this. I learned a lot, but there's also so much technique that was completely new to me. I'd certainly be up for a refresher. I really think that would help me remember the techniques, and do them more accurately. Thanks again! I had a lot of fun! I definitely pushed myself out of my comfort zone.   BS

The Women's Self Defense and Personal Protection Workshop is an excellent class. It teaches not only physical defense but the mental and physiological aspects as well. The class educates its students on violence against women, along with how to be ready for an escalating situation, whether it is being aware of and avoiding it or acting and getting away from it. 
As a high schooler, the class times are quite convenient for my schedule along with the length of the classes as well. The teachers work with the students in a kind, respectful, and professional manner. I would strongly suggest this class to women interested in learning about self defense.  JF

So much good information and how to be aware of what is around you and not get in a bad situation, mental readiness, etc.
The repeated practice of defense/escape techniques was so helpful. Great to know there are things we can do even if we aren't the biggest or strongest. I have already talked about the class to friends who would love to do it.  PP

A fantastic group from recent class. Great job ladies.

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