About Us


New Heights Fitness was founded June 1, 1991 by Chief Master Instructor R.A. Jipping. After spending 8 years instructing at Hope College during the 1980’s, it was his desire to offer his training and instructing experience to a wider audience including children’s classes and women’s self-defense.

New Heights’ first home was at 338 W Washington, Zeeland Michigan and it has remained in this location for the past 29 years.

In 2019, Master Jipping stepped down as head instructor passing the school on to the next generation. Wanting to see the legacy of the school continue for decades to come, instructor, Josh Pickard took over as the owner and head instructor continuing to focus on personal development and practical martial arts training for students of all ages.

New Heights takes great care to ensure all student and instructor certifications are legitimate and uphold the traditional standard of excellence that our school has come to be known for.  New Heights is a Member of the World Taekwondo Masters Union.