Zeeland Recreation

New Heights Fitness has partnered with the Zeeland Community in many ways.  One of these is driving its classes and family principles through our Zeeland Recreation programs. New Heights has been working with Zeeland Recreation since 2002 offering various martial arts based programs to participants of all ages.


Currently we offer to the Zeeland Community!

  • TKD KIDZ skills intro Taekwondo I - ages 4-6

  • TKD KIDZ skills intro Taekwondo II - ages 7-9


Many families finding they have an individual expressing an interest in martial arts training utilize the Zeeland Recreation Programs as a way of finding out more about our school and giving them a chance to try out a program for 6 weeks to find out how serious their family member is in actually training. Our Zeeland Rec Programs give students, and parents an opportunity to see how our system works without having to make substantial financial investments. *Most of our students have entered our in-house programs after completing a Zeeland Recreation sponsored class. Check us out and see what we are about.

Remember -  "Recreation is for a season, Education is for life."

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My Kids Taekwondo & My Kids II are listed under "Youth Sports"




Parents and Students enjoying a game of "Belt Sparring" in Zeeland Rec My Kids program.



Zeeland Recreation recently made a policy change on weather decisions. Effective immediately, anytime Zeeland Rec cancels activities due to weather, any event that is taking place at a private business (ex: New Heights Fitness, Winding Creek Golf Course) is also cancelled for anyone that signed up through Zeeland Rec.