Why should I choose New Heights?

At New Heights we believe in maintaining the Integrity of martial arts. We are dedicated to keeping our classes safe and ensuring a friendly atmosphere without sacrificing quality of content. When choosing a school for martial arts based instruction there are a lot of things to consider and many red flags to look out for.

CONSIDER: What are the credentials of the instructor(s)?
                   Our instructors have a combined total of over 60 years of experience in the art of Taekwondo. The Instructors at New Heights are certified through the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association, one of the first Taekwondo organizations in the U.S. recognized by the Kukkiwon (the major governing body of Korean national Taekwondo). Our school and its head instructor are also members of the World Taekwondo Masters Union. 
                      :Is it a friendly, inclusive, and accommodating environment
We welcome people of all races, gender, and beliefs. At New Heights we believe in keeping a friendly, all inclusive environment. No need to worry about offensive music, course language, or exclusionary attitudes. 
                      :Is it safe ?
                      Safety is a priority at New Heights. All instructors at New Heights have been background checked through the Zeeland Public School system due to our work with kids through the Zeeland Rec program. Our instructors have all been certified in infant, child, and adult first aid, and CPR. New Heights's facility is cleaned on a regular basis and equipment is checked weekly for any potentially dangerous defects. 100% of the flooring in our training and spectating area is completely covered in padded flooring to prevent falling injuries. 
                   :Is it legitimate?  
                   While instructor credentials are an important part to verifying the legitimacy of any instruction based activity, it is also important to make sure that the classes are being offered as advertised. At new Heights our classes are exactly as advertised. We will never advertise a fitness class as self defense, or a kidz skills class as a traditional martial art just to get more prospective members through the door.
                  :Is it convertible for those with previous experience?
                  We welcome anyone who is willing to try their best. Our instructors are familiar with many different martial arts styles and will work to help anyone with previous experience convert to our system. We will honor the rank awarded previously in a similar style of martial art and will not force anyone to start over as white belt.

-Being promoted to the next rank is a very hefty expense instead of an achievement. At new Heights Testing fees for our TKD KIDZ Skills class are kept to a minimum and are solely to cover expense of materials for certificates, belts, and boards for breaking and not to make a profit. Our Traditional Martial arts program does not have Testing fees for advancing within the student ranks, rank at New Heights is earned, not bought.
- Potential new members are required to pay/sign up before even trying a class. At New Heights ALL of our programs are free to try before making the decision to join.
               - The instructors won't spar because they "would hurt you too bad". All of our martial arts instructors regularly spar with students of all levels. A good instructor will always know how to keep things safe regardless of a students skill level and age. 
 - Sparring isn't allowed until you are 3-4 ranks above white belt... and it costs extra. Sparring (safe practice fighting) of some kind is a necessary part of any legitimate martial art. All of our students in our TKD KIDZ Skills class and traditional Taekwondo class will begin to learn how to spar in a safe and controlled manner on the first week regardless of age or rank (and it won't cost you anything extra).
   - You have to be selected and sign up for the "Master's club" (which costs extra) at a certain rank in order to get the full curriculum required for your next belt. This tactic showcases a lack of integrity and is old fashioned "snake oil salesman's" pitch, plain and simple. At New Heights students will never have to pay extra to get the best quality training available and will not have to pay extra for something that is not actually extra. 
               - The instructor claims to know a style of Taekwondo that is "thousands of years old".  
                       click HERE to see an abridged version on why this is impossible. 

            - The martial arts fitness instructor is more interested in watching themselves in the mirror. At New Heights our Kardio Kick instructor is constantly engaged with all participants to ensure maximum efficacy and safety for all workouts 
- Forms only have numbers instead of names and the lineage and meaning of the form is never addressed. New Heights continues the tradition of teaching the only poomsae recognized by Kukkiwon; Taegeuk and Kukki Yudanja poomsae as well as traditional Karate Kata practiced by the early Taekwondo pioneers. Students not only learn the names of their forms but the martial philosophy behind them, how to apply them as a method of defense against violent attacks, and the etymology of the form. 
- The head instructor demands students call him/her some variation of "Head Master, Senior master, Grandmaster, Great Grandmaster, Kwan Jang, Supreme Grandmaster" just to boost their ego. While there are many titles used in the art of Taekwondo such as Master, Grand Master, Sungsaengnim, and Sahbumnim, the instructors will never DEMAND a student use these titles as the demand of these titles tends to cause inflated ego of the instructor and causes students to idolize their instructor and see them as some sort of infallible being incapable of mistakes and severely hinders the learning process. There are no egos at New Heights so while some students prefer to use the titles for our instructors a respectful Mr. Ms. or Mrs will work just fine.