C/M R.A. Jipping

7th Degree Black Belt - USCDKA

Chief Master Instructor Jipping began his training in 1979. After spending 8 years as Taekwondo/Self Defense Instructor for Hope College, Holland, Mi.  Master Jipping opened

the New Heights Fitness facility in 1991, Master Jipping dedicated his training and energy to sharing his love for the arts with children and adults of all ages.

Master Jipping retired from his 40 year professional career with the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District Technology Department.

Married for over 48 years, father of 2 and grandfather of 5, Master Jipping remains committed to anyone interested in the art of Taekwondo.

Mr. J. Pickard

4th Degree Black Belt - USCDKA

Mr. Pickard started his training in summer of 2000 in traditional Taekwondo which sparked his passion for the martial arts. He began teaching classes in 2007 at New Heights Fitness .

Mr. Pickard's love of martial arts has driven him to explore other systems and styles of martial arts and incorporate it into his training and teaching method at New Heights including Karate, boxing, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu