All of our Adult and Kardio Kick programs offer special service discount for all Military, Law Enforcement, and first responders past and present for program participants


Monday Wednesday Friday

5:30pm - 6:10pm

New Height Fitness is proud to announce the return of our unique Kardio Kick Workout program! This program is a fun, high energy workout that combines Kickboxing and martial arts with aerobics and fast paced music to give you a great workout that you will enjoy!

Since you determine the intensity of this workout, this class is perfect for those looking to exercise for the first time and fitness pros alike!


Kardio Kick is a fun 40 minute kickboxing cardio workout! Utilizing kickboxing and martial arts body movements, footwork, and techniques, Kardio Kick targets the Whole body helping you tone your whole body and burn fat simultaneously while building up your cardiovascular endurance. It’s a fun and high energy workout program unlike any other!

Recommended equipment: Comfortable clothes, Gym Shoes, Water bottle, Towel, bag gloves




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