Q: How much does it cost?

A: There are 2 pricing options for this program; one is a continuous monthly cost that allows non- stop participation throughout every tournament cycle without the need to sign back up. The other option is to sign up one cycle at a time. For specific pricing contact the Coaches here.

Q: Do I have to sign up for every cycle?

A: We have limited space for each team and go on a first come first serve basis. If a participant chooses to sign up using our continuous monthly package their spot is reserved indefinitely. Students who Choose to sign up one cycle at a time will have to re-register for each cycle.

Q: Is there a benefit so signing up continuous or one cycle at a time?

A: Many people find that the commitment necessary to progress in a traditional martial arts program conflicts with family vacations and events making hard to commit and some young participants want to try other sports as well which can conflict with traditional martial arts training. For the NINJAS program, by signing up one cycle at a time participants have the flexibility to take time off without missing out on progressing in their martial arts program. For those that don't travel often or play other sports then signing up for the continuous membership is the way to go. Continuous membership also offers a slight price advantage over signing up one cycle at a time.

Q: What should participants wear? Do I have to buy a special outfit?

A: Each team member will be given a team NINJA uniform upon signing up. Blue uniforms for team blue, pink uniforms for team pink.


Q: When are the tournaments?

A: at the start of each cycle, all participants will be given a calendar that will have the schedule for the remainder of the calendar year and will show when tournaments will take place as well as what days will be off for holidays. Tournaments will always take place on a Saturday to allow for plenty of time for every team member to participate in each event.

Q: What type of events will the tournaments consist of?

A: Each tournament will have several events broken down into 3 categories; Athletics, Technique, and Special. There will be anywhere from 1-3 events for each category and may consist of things like jump kicks, obstacle courses, board breaking, and even special weapons demonstrations. For each cycle the events will differ slightly so there is variety between each tournament cycle.

Q: What is the prize for winning?

A: Each participant will be scored on each event and that score will go toward the team total. The team with the highest score for each event will win a special star patch that can be displayed on their ninjas uniform for each event that they won (total of 3 stars to be won. Athletics star, Technique star, and Special star). The team with the highest total score at the end will be crowned NINJA CHAMPION! Each member of the Champion team will get a special gold stripe added to their belt to signify they are the champions and will have a team picture taken with the championship trophy which will be displayed at New Heights.

Q: What if my child turns 12 partway through a cycle? can they still participate?

A: Yes. Any participant that "ages out" partway through a cycle will be allowed to finish the cycle. For the sake of fairness in the competition, team members that become too old to participate will not be able to sign up for another cycle. HOWEVER, they can ask their coach to apply for our special "Sempai" program, which will allow them to still participate as a team captain and assistant to the coach. This "Sempai" position is limited only to those who show great leadership skills, integrity, courtesy, and are good role models for the younger team members.