Rank Testing Procedures

Many students have questions about testing procedures. If this is your first testing at New Heights, it may seem a bit confusing, so, we have put together this document to help you. If you have any questions at any time about testing, please see your Instructor.

Rank Promotions occur periodically throughout your training. Typically it is about every 3 months from your previous testing but could be sooner, or later, depending upon your demonstration of understanding and performing your requirements. Your Instructors are constantly monitoring your performances and make their decisions based on what they see in class. Students should consider every class, not so much as a testing, but as a time to show what progress they have made since their last class. It stands to reason that if you do not practice, and make changes to what you are doing, your Instructors will not see much improvement, and time between rank promotion can be extended.

Following are things you will need to prepare for rank promotion. It is recommended that you start preparing these materials as soon as possible after your promotion. This ensures that you know what you need to be working on for your next rank, and you don’t have to do a “last minute rush” to get your materials together. Following are the items you must have ready for the day of promotion.

1. Attendances— A minimum of 20 classes should be attended between classes to ensure all materials are fully understood and executed. (This number can be waived by your Instructor(s) if you demonstrate good understanding and execution of your requirements.) Your attendance numbers should be displayed in front of your name on the sign in computer screen when you attend class.


2. Nomination of Promotion — Once a student demonstrates a good understanding of their rank requirements Their instructor may nominate the student for promotion.  When this happens, the student will be handed a sheet with feedback from their instructor notifying the student that they are ready for promotion to the next belt. The sheet will include feedback on the student’s current requirements, feedback on what to work on for the next promotion, and the date that the promotional test

will take place. This sheet should be placed in the student’s portfolio.

*Students must be nominated for promotion by an instructor or black belt

member to qualify for rank promotion*

3. MATS Test— Within the United States Chung Do Kwan Association, and it's Schools throughout the United States, and the world, most schools require their student’s  to pass the knowledge area of training found in their "Blue Books" (Forces of Tae Kwon Do)  as a prerequisite to testing.

At each rank, students will have 15 True/False questions they need to know. Students will need to take the test for the rank they are testing for, not their current rank.

Students are able to take the MATS test at home by following the Instructions below. We know that as martial artists, they will be honest in their testing. Once completed, follow the instructions and print out your results sheet and certificate if passed. This needs to be handed in with testing materials. Students must achieve a score of 80% or

better to pass. 

*If you take the test and don’t pass, simply print out the results at the end of the test. It will show you where you may have been wrong and provide you with the correct answers. You can then study these questions and take the test again. This is only required for students who wish to have USCDKA rank certificates.


IMPORTANT:  When you have "Submitted" your test and see the

"Results" page, be sure to PRINT it out. This will give you a nice record

for your portfolio for future studying. If you "Passed" the test, you

will see the word "Certificate" next to your results. Click on this link to

print your Certificate. This certificate must be presented with your other testing materials. 

You will not be able to go back and get these printouts later. If necessary, contact C/M R. Jipping  at   "contact@newheightsfitness.com"   to print your results and certificate. **There will be a $5.00 charge to do this, so be sure you print it out when you are in there.

Select the Belt/Rank you will be testing for:

Yellow Belt - 9th Gup                        Gold Belt - 8th Gup                 Orange Belt - 7th Gup                      Green Belt - 6th Gup                           Purple Belt - 5th Gup                            Blue Belt - 4th Gup                     Red Belt - 3rd Gup                           Brown Belt - 2nd Gup
                    Brown-Black Striped Belt - 1st Gup           Black Belt

5. UPDATE YOUR PORTFOLIO—Insert required materials in your portfolio notebook so you have everything in one place and just need to bring it in before the day of rank promotion.

6. Certificate and Belt Fees—At the time of testing, fees for certification and belts should be handed in to your instructor at the same time you hand in your portfolio. Checks should be made out to New Heights Fitness. 

If you have performed these items, you will be prepared for your next rank promotion. Stay ahead of the game and do this stuff, other than the fees, as soon as you have been promoted. It will save you a lot of work in the future.

The materials you may need will be available on our website (www.newheightsfitness.com) in the “Student Resources” section. Many helpful documents can also be found in this area.

Student Resources Access—We do not permit individuals who are not Active within our school to have access to these documents. Therefore, you will need to create an account if you haven’t already. Instructions for this are found later in this document.



Mr. J. Pickard

Master R. Jipping